Bring on Texas Thursday!!

Off to the “Island” of Galveston and the Armadillo Supermoto!! Yeeeeehah!! It’s Round #8 of the AMA Supermoto Championship Series in Galveston, Texas as part of the LoneStar Rally and the weather and the competition is heating up! Here’s a little preview with the current class point standings!

 Yep, the state famous for Longhorns, “Black Gold”, Bar-b-Q and Cowboys is throwin’ a big ol’ party that is the Armadillo Supermoto.  Adding an International flair to the proceedings will be a few new faces. Fresh off his clinching of the S1…(450) World Championship, Adrien Chareyre is heading to the U.S.A to ride for the LA FUEL/GP Husqvarna team…..AND rumor has a big name racer from “another” series riding at the Morongo event for sure and maybe Texas…..(more on THAT soon)………hmmmmmm.

ANNND speaking of the “Armadillo Supermoto” at the Lone Star Rally…….There’s going to be alll kinds of cool entertainment going on in addition to the racing, makin’ it a major PARTAY!!!  There’s alll kinds of crazy “external events” included as part of the HUGE LoneStar Rally that will add to what should be a funnn weekend on the “Island” of Galveston!!! 

Alllrighty………stay tuned here at SMO for all the goin’s on around these last two weeks…….AND…….we here at SuperMotoOnline will have a very very cool announcement to make by the end of this week!!  Here’s a hint…….it involves bikes and babes 🙂 🙂 🙂  Imagine that!!      BOO!!

      Dennis Anderson/

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